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Service Concept
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Service is no longer just a simple extension of production and sales. It is a very creative work in itself. It is the whole enterprise, and the enterprise is to serve the consumers.

Service brand connotation

Service slogan: Jingyu services Everywhere.
Service spirit: depending on the customer's time is more precious than gold.
Service Icon Explanation: The icon represents our company's philosophy, technology and service to support our products and support our customers.

Service goal: Customer-centric, timeout and value-added services.
Service requirements: simple and comprehensive, proactive and timely.
Jingyu call center

Jingyu call center

Unified national service hotline: +86-0513-85636116 85636118
The company solemnly promised: "The company's products will be implemented within one year from the date of sale, and the life-long service will be implemented within 48 hours after receiving the repair information."
  • Service spirit

    Service spirit of "depending on the customer's time is more precious than gold"

    Is required for the sake of users, the service personnel time timely solve the problems existing in the equipment, understanding the reason users' time is money.

  • Service tenet

    Service tenet of "create value for customers"

    Service personnel with comprehensive service ability, through our service guide users grasp the use, maintenance, construction, maintenance ability, thus providing security for the user's work, interest and value.

  • Service goal

    Service aims to "take the customer as the center, implementation of overtime and premium services"

    Around the customers, fine service for customer training, technical advice, customer call special services, etc., let the customer feel not just bought a product, but purchased, of a complete set of perfect service.

  • Service Requirements

    The service is required to be “Concise, Thorough, Proactive and Timely”.

    The requirements for our service personnel will ensure that they are proactive in all customer dealings, reach work sites as quickly as possible, and provide thorough, timely and quick service to save time and create the profit for the customer. Our service requirements are the embodiment of our service spirit, tenet, slogan and target.

  • Service Slogan

    Our service slogan is “Jingyu service, anytime, anywhere”.

    The customer can find Jingyu service anytime and anywhere.

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