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CNC Laser machining
The laser processing center is developed by the company based on the latest development trend of the numerical control laser heat treatment technology on the market. It has a full function CNC cladding machine with semi closed loop control function. With the use of German laser, the machine has a wide range of uses and flexible operation. It is suitablel for the processing of all kinds of shaft, sleeve and disc parts with complex shapes, such as cylindrical surface, conical surface and arc surface, especially suitable for many varieties, small and medium batch processing, high processing efficiency,good processing efficiency and good consistency of finished products.Reduce the technical proficiency of the workers. Easy to program and easy to operate, it is an ideal medium-sized CNC laser processing equipment.The laser processing center system includes laser, light guiding system,machining machine, control system and detection system.
 CNC Laser machining

The main technical features:

1 The system uses semiconductor laser as light source and optical fiber as external optical transmission system. The laser processing technology can be realized by laser hardening and laser cladding to meet the needs of laser processing.

2 The equipment is composed of LASERLINE semiconductor optical fiber coupled laser (3KW laser, 20 meter fiber 1), optical working head, double temperature double controlled water cooling machine, machine hand, working platform and laser processing control system.

3 Remote service module: diagnose, upgrade and change mode through remote network module.

4 The central control system integrates the information of the machine tool and the laser. It can control the start and stop of the machine tool. It can control the start and stop of the laser. The power of the laser can be set and the actual power of the laser can be displayed in real time, and the starting and stopping of the powder feeder can be controlled Highly integrated system. When the processing program of the machine is written, the laser power can be set in the central control system.

5 High quality laser processing lens, aluminum dust-proof, durable, suitable for 15kW laser processing technology. The diameter of the lens is 50.8 mm. The outer diameter of the lens is 70 mm.

6 Using the double cylinder negative pressure feeder with the carrier gas feeding structure, it can realize the long distancepowder delivery. It is an auxiliary equipment for the laser processing. It can realize the synchronous powder feeding of laserprocessing. It can meet the requirements of the three-dimensional laser cladding and laser rapid prototyping.

7 The four axis machine tool used by the system is high precision and high sensitivity produced by our company, including machine tool body, machine control cabinet, control systern, power supply cable and voltage stable power supply. The protection adopts a totally enclosed structure, which is safe, practical, and novel and beautiful.

8 Equipped with SIEMENS 828D CNC system, automatic programming automatic control of different trajectories. The laser head can be used for quenching and alloying on different moving surfaces.

The laser processing center can also adjust different application functions according to the actual situation, such as laser marking, laser drilling, laser cutting, laser cutting and so on.The main application items of the roll are:

Laser Cladding, also known as laser cladding or laser cladding, refers to placing a selected alloy powder on the surface of a coated substrate in a different filling manner, and irradiating it with a thin layer of the substrate surface by laser irradiation. After melting and rapidly solidifying, a surface coating having a very low dilution and metallurgical bonding with the base material is formed, thereby significantly improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, oxidation resistance and electrical properties of the surface of the base material. After laser cladding, the hardness of the cladding layer can be flexibly selected between HRC15-60. The thickness of the cladding is 0.1~10.0mm. It can also be coated with non-metallic powders such as tungsten carbide and ceramic powder. It can greatly improve the surface hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance and other mechanical properties, which can greatly improve the service life of materials. At the same time, it can also be used for the disposal of waste products, which greatly saves processing costs.

The laser texturing technique uses a high-energy, high-repetition pulsed laser beam to perform preheating and strengthening on the surface of the roll after focusing, and a small molten pool is formed on the surface of the roll after focusing. The side blowing device applies the auxiliary gas to the micro-melting pool at a set pressure and flow rate, so that the molten material in the molten pool is stacked as much as possible to the edge of the molten pool to form a circular arc-shaped boss (peak number).



Maximum workpiece diameter


Fit for thead specification

Cutting mode

Spindle cone hole

Spindle power and control mode

Spindle speed





Laser processing


Servo spindle

Pole free speed regulation


Tail sleeve diameter



Center high

Shape size of machine tool


Control system









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