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CNC Lathe
CK450 lathe CNC lathe is a specialized CNC machine tool for the introduction of Cincinnati technology research and development in Nantong. It adopts the German SIEMENS control system.The appearance modeling, operating system and safety protection system of the machine tools all adopt the pleasant design,which provides convenient,safe and comfortable operating conditions for the operator. The efficiency of roll ring machining can not be improved according to the uniformity of roll ring processing. CK450 high speed CNC roller lathe is a special high-speed and precision equipment specially designed for machining tungsten carbide and high speed steel rollers. The equipment has high efficiency and good is an ideal equipment for precisionmachining of parts such as rolls, rolls and rings.
CNC Lathe

The main technical features:

1, The CK450 CNC lathe adopts the overall casting 45 degree inclined bed and disc plate structure. The headstock and other main parts are made of high strength cast iron with reasonable distribution of thick tendons.

2 the whole machine and main parts are designed and analyzed by advanced software to optimize the structure and parameters.

3 The main main parts are processed by the imported five face machining center, with high precision and small error, and the aging treatment of stress is eliminated two times. It has high strength,stiffness,precision retention,impact resistance and seismic resistance.

4, The guideway of the saddle is combined with hardening and sticking. Good dynamic performance,combined with ball screw C3 (JIS), can greatly improve the machining accuracy and production efficiency of the equipment.

5. Spindle motor and two axis servo motor are driven by high power and superior servo motor. The driving motor with strong torque is directly connected with the ball screw without any gap. The rotation is stable and reliable, and the positioning accuracyis improved.

6 the spindle unit adopts the first three columns and the latter two columns of high-precision bearing support. Ensure maximum axial, radial rigidity and optimum surface machining quality of spindle. The spindle motor uses AC servo spindle motor to realize CVT in full speed range, and equipped with mechanical hydraulic automatic locking fixture.

7. The hydraulic turret is fast, accurate and stable. Can achieve two-way rotation, near the knife. Hydraulic clamping, large clamping force, suitable for powerful cutting;



Workpiece material

Maximum workpiece diameter


Fit for thead specification

Cutting mode

Spindle cone hole

Spindle power and control mode

Spindle speed


Tungsten carbide rollerring




Automatic macro program, software programming


18KW servo spindle

1~2000r/min pole free speed regulation


Work piece assembly mode



Type of guide track

Shape size of machine tool


Control system


Hydraulic tightening mechanism



45 degree oblique rail




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