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The culture of the company has experienced a long process of spontaneous gestation and consciousness. From the spirit of “hard work, self-improvement, vigorous and eager to create first-class”, we have fully implemented the culture of “innovation never ending” as the soul. After a long period of hard work, the construction plan has gradually formed a profound cultural heritage.

The culture of refinement is divided into three categories:

First, spiritual culture

Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation never ends
Enterprise mission: to provide sophisticated products for domestic and foreign users
Corporate core values: creating wealth and sharing wealth
Quality policy: technological innovation, Refine on
Business tenet: Customer first, sincere cooperation, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit
Enterprise management philosophy: Serious is the magic weapon of success
Enterprise employee concept: diligent and eager to learn, dedication, loyalty, and dedication
Corporate brand concept: good service and better quality
Corporate style: do not do it, do it well
Enterprise employer view: let the most suitable person do the most suitable thing
Enterprise talent concept: Competence is talent, competition achievements talents, performance measurement talents

Second, behavioral culture

Requirements for senior managers: public, honest, benevolent, intellectual, and trustworthy
Requirements for middle managers: courage, strictness, effectiveness
Requirements for managing employees: full, live, live
Requirements for employees: diligent, precise and practical

Third, image culture

The corporate logo is a variant of the first letter "J Y" of Pinyin.

The blue 3/4 ring supports the red fan corner, which means our company supports our products with the concept, technology and service of excellence, and supports our customers. Real explanation: quality first, customer first meaning.

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